3. May

Allow us to introduce Gökhan, our expert in virtual and augmented reality

New technologies in the field of digital innovation management

Gökhan Özdemir had actually wanted to become a games developer. But his job now is to make the products of Porsche Informatik more interactive and a better experience for the customer. In this interview, he tells us what he likes most about his job and why his current role isn’t actually that far removed from his original career choice.


25. Apr

Porsche Informatik gets artistic

Visualising the corporate transformation

An unprecedented project was presented within Porsche Informatik at the annual kickoff meeting. It involved using art to visualise what our company stands for. The pictures that were created will be hung up in our stairwells. In our interview, Michaela Alker and Leo Strauß from the art group talked about the development process and their experiences during it.  More

14. Mar

Meet Ali, our Artificial Intelligence Expert

New Member in the Digital Innovation Management Team

Artificial Intelligence expert Ali Naderi joined our Digital Innovation Management team mid-December. In the interview he explains what makes Porsche Informatik and his job at the company so attractive.

26. Feb

Online car dealership

Relaunch of dealer websites

For a long time now, the term “car dealership” has not only referred to something physical made of glass and concrete, but also to a presence on the internet. Last year alone, we registered around 8 million visitors on our international dealer websites. This shows just how important a web presence is in the auto trade. It is a vital showcase on the internet, which also acts as a digital contact point for potential customers.


7. Feb

Exciting, challenging and interdisciplinary

Traineeship at Porsche Informatik

Stephan Stadlmair has been an International Management Trainee since September 2017. What does he make of IT at Porsche Holding Salzburg? “The most exciting job ever!” Here he reports on his diverse tasks and experiences with us at Porsche Informatik.


22. Dec

The best of friends: Omid and Toni

Omid Delawar migrated from Iran and joined us here in the company via an integration programme run by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. He and his mentor, Anton Spitzer, have since become more than merely colleagues. In the following interview, the two of them share their experiences. More

7. Nov

Password security in the company starts at home

An everyday situation at work: A new application requires a new user to be created and a password assigned. A few weeks later, the password expires and has to be replaced – and of course the new one has to be super cryptic. Who can remember all of this? Wouldn’t it be better to have a single password for all applications and other uses, eliminating the password dilemma …? Not in the least!


6. Sep

Mastering Chaos with Kanban: Our Experiences to Date

How we are doing after using Kanban for two years.

In my last article I wrote about how Kanban had improved our work at Porsche Informatik IT infrastructure. This text reflected the situation a few months after introduction – here I would like to tell you about our experiences with Kanban since then and what we have changed in the meantime. More