13. Oct

Fostering bright minds

Research collaboration between the University of Salzburg and Porsche Holding Salzburg

“Fostering bright minds” – This was the declared goal of the four-year collaboration between Porsche Holding and the University of Salzburg for basic research on data-driven working.


3. Aug

Public cloud as innovation driver

How we take our business analyses to a new level

Together with the Porsche Holding business divisions, we are growing business intelligence (BI) sky high.

26. Apr

Agile data strategy

Data driven with a fixed anchor

In its Q2 2022 issue, CIO GUIDE | CDO GUIDE interviewed our CEO and CDO Manfred Immitzer on the topic of data economy and its importance in the further development of Porsche Holding. With the kind permission of the publisher, we are reprinting the article here for your reading pleasure. 


5. Jan

Porsche Holding Goes Robotics

Wie Bots in unserer Organisation unterstützen können

For some years now, Porsche Holding and Porsche Informatik have been increasingly focusing on robotic automation, and bots have become indispensable in many areas. What are bots? And where and how do we use robotics in our organisation?