20. Nov

Get it first!

Pre-booking as a strategic building block for online sales

It might not be that long until ordering a car online will seem just as normal as buying clothes, books or music. There is a good way to go yet, but most car buyers already spend a good bit of time in cyberspace along the “customer journey” to their new car. One building block of Porsche Holding Salzburg’s online sales ecosystem, which we support with our applications, is the module for the online reservation of vehicles – and it was for this project that the development team received a Porsche Informatik “Change Award”!


13. Nov

Into the fast lane with SD-WAN

Our software defined wide area network guarantees high performance and flexibility

At Porsche Informatik, we provide cloud-based applications and services. To do this, we rely on innovative networking technology that not only guarantees impressive performance, but is above all stable, secure and scalable. More

15. Oct

Award-winning innovations in spare parts logistics

Porsche Informatik supports a groundbreaking digitization project at Porsche Teilevertriebszentrum (Parts Distribution Centre)

Porsche Teilevertriebszentrum (TVZ) in Wals is the hub for supplying service companies with spare parts for the VW, Audi, Seat, ŠKODA and Porsche brands in 18 countries. Our spare parts logistics system ETN forms the top link in this supply chain and supports the entire spare parts process from the TVZ itself to the service companies or importers in our partner countries.


9. Oct

DevOps at Porsche Informatik

Development and operations overcome barriers

650 colleagues – that’s a lot of expert knowledge – and to ensure that all our teams and projects benefit from this know-how, we have established “Communities of Practice” for cross-functional exchange at Porsche Informatik. These allow our specialists to share their best practice and know-how and provide the entire organisation with important input as a result.

2. Oct

Technical tips for live streams using “Teams Live Events”

3,2,1, Live!

Live broadcasts, once the preserve of TV companies, can now be arranged very easily with MS Teams. And you don’t even need complex studio technology to do this – a bit of practice and a good Internet connection are sufficient for putting on really cool events.


28. Sep

Porsche Informatik’s initiative to support women in IT

Our women@POI network

As things stand, women find themselves in the minority in technical professions and in the IT sector. Our colleague, Irmgard Gmachl, however, is convinced that mixed teams are smarter and that all IT companies should take an interest in being especially appealing to women. For this reason, in early 2019 together with Elisabeth Wimmer and Karin Kremser, she founded our women@POI network.

4. Sep

We are the new “Software Development Center: Retail”

VW values our know-how in the automobile trade

Porsche Informatik has been developing projects for Volkswagen for many years, especially in the areas of vehicle recycling, order management and distribution. As a “Software Development Center” (SDC), we are now an official development partner within VW’s IT set-up and, as such, we are also fundamental to its IT strategy. This is a strong indication of how much trust has built up at our parent company in our competence over the last few years.