24. Mar

Hats off!

The OpenShift user conference came to Salzburg for the first time

This Shrove Tuesday, 100 curious experts chose a Red Hat over the traditional red nose and immersed themselves deeply in the topic of OpenShift.


27. Feb

Hello, telephone support?

Our telecommunications are going digital.

Here at Porsche Informatik, Tobias Oberascher and Gernot Striednig take care of everything to do with telephony. Both of them have been at the company for around ten years, during which time the area of telecommunications has changed dramatically. In this interview, they explain how this affects their tasks.

15. Jan

School-leaving certificate with practical experience

A graduation project at Porsche Informatik

Theoretical knowledge is great, but how can it be implemented in practice? Pupils and students have the opportunity to write their final thesis at Porsche Informatik – and in any department at our company. Excellent infrastructure, the right resources and intensive support provide the perfect environment for this.


29. Nov

Fresh ideas through innovation management

How do you organise innovation in a large company?

Porsche Informatik has developed a structured means of access to innovation: here, a dedicated team takes care of the building up of expert knowledge on technology trends. In this interview, Team Leader Laura König tells us more about digital innovation management at Porsche Informatik.


23. Aug

Taking the planning process into the future

An award-winning SAP development project

Setting up a project in collaboration with the client and the motivating experience of how well the collaboration went were the deciding factors for why our SAP development team submitted its “New Planning Project/Business Warehouse to SAP HANA” project for this year’s Change Award. And the effort was worth it – in March the team of Andreas Gstöttner, Helmut Schwarz, Karin Sampl and Günther Höllbacher were awarded with the prestigious accolade in the “Culture” category.

2. Aug

Jill of all trades

Our specialist for international project coordination and IT support

Barbara Buber is the person responsible for all the new tasks no one else is yet responsible for. Wherever there are issues that cannot be clearly defined or classified into a specific department, she’s the one who springs into action. Whenever things get difficult, Barbara can be relied upon to sure-footedly step up to the plate, even in the international arena. In this interview, she talks to Michaela Alker about her career with us and what her position of responsibility involves.


18. Jul

Diversity is our strength

Tapping our full potential with the help of diversity management

Eveline Breitwieser-Wunderl has been at Porsche since 2001. She started as Marketing Manager at Porsche Bank and moved to the HR department in 2012. After taking maternity leave following the birth of her twins, she returned to Porsche Bank in 2016 as a member of the Training division. In November 2018 she took up her current role as the member of staff responsible for “innovative working environments and diversity management” at Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS). In this interview, she talks about her work, which currently involves the issues of “new work” and “diversity management” with a focus on the advancement of women.


11. Jul

Continuous Delivery

How a new form of cooperation makes the impossible possible

What can you do if given less time than you really need to deal with a task – but no additional resources? Our technical architect, Gerold Glaser, was presented precisely with this problem. In order to solve it, he wasted no time at all in restructuring the development process. His method, based on automation and very close cooperation with the customer, is so successful that it has since become our new standard. He explains here in an interview with Michaela Alker how exactly this came to pass and what challenges await application developers in the future.