26. Mar

lab:hagenberg is set to become our IT talent factory

New Porsche Informatik facility in the Hagenberg Software Park

In line with our continued growth strategy, at the beginning of March 2021 we opened a new software lab in Softwarepark Hagenberg. The most important goal of our new location is to establish a “competence centre” there and to attract the very brightest IT talents around, to enrich them with practical experience during their studies and convince them that Porsche Informatik is the employer of choice.

18. Feb

Teams Rooms systems

Hybrid working requires optimum quality when it comes to providing a good environment for meetings

Have you already found the ideal set-up for your meeting rooms? Allow us to introduce you to the solutions we are working with. Professional equipment with a special twist: smart door panels. 


10. Feb

Lease a car from the comfort of your sofa

The fully digital customer journey in the Porsche Bank online shop

The new Porsche Bank shop for nearly new cars has been online since mid-November. It is truly revolutionary because it allows the entire purchasing process, from choosing a car to concluding a contract, to be dealt with online. For Porsche Informatik, the digital application path in the Porsche Bank shop is a showcase project for our modularisation strategy.


2. Feb

The Porsche Holding Data Lake

Making our solutions even smarter

With the goal of enabling data-driven operations throughout the organisation, the Data Lake forms an important component of Porsche Holding’s data strategy. Laura König, Head of our Data-Driven Business Solutions team, talks about how we use the Data Lake and the technology behind it.


27. Jan

How Vandoo you do?

Co-creation in practice

The used vehicle market is a significant component of the online sales portfolio of our parent company, Volkswagen. Vandoo is an auction platform that we have developed for VGSG and it was one of our first projects in close co-creation with our clients.

What exactly does Vandoo do? And how did the co-creation concept prove itself within the project? We spoke to the Project Manager, Herbert Langegger.


20. Nov

Get it first!

Pre-booking as a strategic building block for online sales

It might not be that long until ordering a car online will seem just as normal as buying clothes, books or music. There is a good way to go yet, but most car buyers already spend a good bit of time in cyberspace along the “customer journey” to their new car. One building block of Porsche Holding Salzburg’s online sales ecosystem, which we support with our applications, is the module for the online reservation of vehicles – and it was for this project that the development team received a Porsche Informatik “Change Award”!


13. Nov

Into the fast lane with SD-WAN

Our software defined wide area network guarantees high performance and flexibility

At Porsche Informatik, we provide cloud-based applications and services. To do this, we rely on innovative networking technology that not only guarantees impressive performance, but is above all stable, secure and scalable. More