6. Apr 2017
ITSalzburg// Theory meets Practise: Porsche Informatik is offering five students at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences an attractive package.

Leading IT corporations, including Porsche Informatik, in cooperation with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Information Technology & Systems Management degree program, have created a new studies package. With this we intend to develop a sustainable pool of top talent.

The pilot project supports students of the Technology & Systems Management degree program materially (housing costs subsidy, study and Austrian student union membership fees, part-time employment, etc.) and ideally with contacts in the IT corporations of Salzburg. Porsche Informatik CEOs Rainer Trischak and Manfred Immitzer: “The students can put into practice their competencies gained through their studies right away. We will get to know them and ourselves. And – as has been the case with many of our interns – this may be the beginning of a great career at Porsche Informatik.”

The package includes:

  • Part-time employment at Porsche Informatik
  • € 680.00 gross / month (11 hours/week, flexible working times on an individual basis. For example, working hours can be reduced around examinations and increased during holidays.)
  • Monthly housing costs subsidy
  • Study fees taken over
  • A reliable internship placement

In the pilot phase, this offer is aimed at applications from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Information Technology & Systems Management bachelor degree program. The Technology & Systems Management association will cover the costs of organisation and coordination of the pilot project. Application has been possible since mid-March, all necessary information is available on the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences website

We eagerly await our five new colleagues!

Barbara Klein

is responsible for communications and social media at Porsche Informatik. Even after two decades with the company, she enjoys learning something new every day.