Digital Wholesale Solutions

New Vehicle Processing

Handling of all processes for new vehicles in a central importer system


Carlos is the central business application for Porsche organisation importers. The system provides highly automated support for the new vehicle entire process chain from retail to wholesale to manufacturers.

The importer distribution departments input their product data and prices as well as vehicle technical data into Carlos; they are then provided to the distribution systems.

Dealer vehicle orders are processed in Carlos and forwarded to the factory systems. Carlos continuously receives status reports on the ordered vehicle and forwards these to the dealer Systems. Vehicle invoicing to dealers is automatic; special offers and bonus payments are handled via Carlos.

Carlos produces the vehicle documents required for each market for new vehicle registrations. The process chain is triggered when the delivery message is input (= start of guarantee).

Parts Logistics

Customer-focused processing of spare parts orders and deliveries


Rapid availability of the parts needed is decisive for punctual completion of vehicle repairs and servicing. Our ETN parts logistics system is the uppermost link of the Porsche group parts supply chain and is deployed at the distribution centres in Siezenheim by Salzburg and in Budapest. The system supports the entire parts process from the parts distribution centre to the car dealerships / importers in our partner countries.

Various interfaces link ETN with factory suppliers on the one hand and on the other hand with importers in the partner countries and retail partners.


AutoPart is a module integrated into ETN for automatic parts re-supply. On the basis of reported sales of dealerships it calculates their monthly requirements.

Vehicle Remarketing

B2B vehicle remarketing for all situations


TurnTable is a B2B vehicle distribution platform for marketing used vehicles.

The entire process of vehicle buy-backs, evaluation, offers and sales of used vehicles is handled via TurnTable. The cutting edge online web solution provides flexible support for the complete process chain; the system guides the user through the business process via activities.

The vehicles have a range of origin channels and are offered for sale on various distribution platforms after preparation for resale. Invoicing and control of service providers is also handled by TurnTable.

The system is optimised for handling large quantities and therefore for importers and manufacturers.

Porsche Bank Vehicle Resale

Porsche Bank vehicle resale is an online platform for reselling Porsche Bank fleet and leasing returns vehicles. This solution handles evaluation and offers as well as the sale in accordance with Porsche Bank resale guidelines. Dealers outside the Porsche organisation can also acquire vehicles via this platform.


The eAuction web application supports automatic live auctions for used vehicles that have been held at dealerships for long periods. The monthly auction is only between Porsche Inter Auto dealers.


PIA-B2B is an online distribution platform for B2B used vehicle marketing in the Porsche Inter Auto group. Dealers outside the Porsche organisation can also purchase used vehicles, which is used in particular by international car dealerships.

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Centralised and cross-system customer master data management

Improve the quality and efficiency of your customer data management

Customer Master Data Management

All customers of Porsche Holding Salzburg – both private and business customers – are stored centrally in the customer master data management system. The data is stored in a “Golden Record Table” and features a Unique Customer Identification (UCID), which makes the customers clearly identifiable across all systems.

End customers can retrieve this data and manage it themselves via the carLOG customer portal. With its fully integrated consent management facility, Customer Master Data Management also serves as a means for assuring compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including the “right to be forgotten” or “right to information” across all systems of Porsche Holding.

New customer data entered in the Golden Record Table will first have to pass through the following steps:

  • Address standardisation and validation by verification against a central, up-to-date street directory
  • Duplicates management by verification against the entire customer database and assignment of a new or already existing UCID.

Existing customer data is also subject to regular data cleansing processes. This helps ensure a consistently high quality of customer data.

In the final phase of implementing the customer master data management system, all systems that contain and manage customer data (not only Porsche Holding Salzburg systems, but others as well) will be connected via a standardised interface. This enables a full and clear representation of the customer, huge improvements in terms of customer data quality as well as efficiency improvements and time savings in existing processes.

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