New Vehicle Processing


Carlos is the central business application for the importers of the Porsche Holding organization. The system provides highly automated support for the entire new car process chain, from retail to wholesale to manufacturers.


NADIN is a Volkswagen standard solution for importers and the first joint development project between Volkswagen Wolfsburg and Porsche Informatik. NADIN currently consists of an order module, the product catalog and the quota module as well as the finance and logistics modules developed by Porsche Informatik.


Parts Logistics


The ETN parts logistics system forms the top link in the Porsche Holding Salzburg spare parts supply chain and is operated in the distribution centers in Siezenheim near Salzburg and in Budapest. The system supports the entire spare parts process from the parts distribution center to the dealers and importers in our partner countries.


AutoPart is a module integrated into ETN for automatic parts replenishment. It calculates the monthly requirements of car dealers based on their reported sales.

Vehicle Remarketing


TurnTable is a B2B vehicle sales platform for the marketing of used cars. The system is optimized for handling large quantities and therefore for importers or manufacturers.


The eAuction web application supports automated live auctions for used vehicles that have been with the dealer for some time. The monthly auction takes place between Porsche Inter Auto Group dealers only.


PIA-B2B is an online sales platform for the B2B used car marketing of the Porsche Inter Auto Group. Dealers outside of the Porsche organization can also buy used cars here, which is used particularly by international car dealers.

Centralised and cross-system customer master data management

Customer Master Data Management

All customers of Porsche Holding Salzburg – both private and corporate – are stored centrally in the Customer Master Data Management. The data is assigned a unique customer identification so that customers can be clearly identified across all systems. End customers can access and manage this data themselves via the carLOG customer portal.