Digital Financial Service Solutions

Financial and Insurance Services

Integrated IT platform for Porsche Holding financing and insurance services


CarFin is the Porsche Bank and Insurance central business application and covers all important areas of financial services business for the Porsche organisation:

  • Vehicle financing via operating and financing leasing as well as various forms of credit
  • Comprehensive and other insurance products at Porsche’s own risk and via brokerage partners
  • Maintenance and fuel card service for fleets

CarFin is fully integrated into the value-added chain of retail and wholesale processes. Over 30 different interfaces ensure the electronic exchange of data between all concerned areas and internal and external systems.

CarFin takes into account the continuously increasing requirements of European banking authority. It includes role-based user rights administration and a variety of logging functions to monitor and check the diverse risks in the financial domain.

Fleet vehicle configuration

The fastest way to a new company car

Fleet Car Configurator

The Fleet Car Configurator is an application for large customers of Porsche Bank. The drivers of company cars at these companies can log into the system, configure their desired new vehicle online using multimedia tools and request a quote for a finance proposal by Porsche Bank. At the click of a button, the system shows the user whether the desired company car suits the budget and the company’s requirements. This saves valuable time and money.

If the desired vehicle does not match from the company’s car policy, the fleet manager can still approve the purchase. This procedure is not restricted to the brands of Porsche Holding Salzburg; other brands can also be configured in the system. Data for these models is retrieved from EuroTax.

The proposal data for the approved vehicle is used as the basis for the sales meeting and forwarded to the respective dealer and to Porsche Bank by email.

The benefits of the Fleet Car Configurator at a glance:

  • Cross-brand vehicle configuration, including competitor brands
  • Configuration of a company-specific car policy as well as vehicle and financing conditions
  • Transparent configuration thanks to budget comparison
  • Configuration of reference models to give customers guidance
  • Digital approval process
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