Online application portal

Quick and easy
Filling out our online form is the first step to a successful application. This allows us to quickly react to your application; you can save your online application and update it at any time. Additionally you can apply for more than one position at Porsche Informatik simultaneously.

Classic or creative
It’s not just the best grades that count for us, far more the personal touch; therefore no limits are placed on your creativity. Whether a mindmap, photostory or classic CV and reports – tell us more about yourself and your professional portfolio. Show us how strongly your heart beats for which area of IT.

We will let you know when your application reaches us. We have a clear, structured approach to reviewing your documents.

Spontaneous application

Can’t find the right job? No problem: Your spontaneous application goes straight to our central talent pool. Naturally it’s helpful if you tell us areas you are interested in and your specialisations. We will contact you if your profile matches a new / soon to be available position.

Direct application

If you have applied for a particular position, the human resources department will forward your documents to the concerned department and will check the job profile against your documents. Depending on the amount of currently open positions, this may take some time. Usually you will receive personal confirmation within one week of receipt of your application.

Getting to know each other during the first meeting
If your professional and job profile are a match, we would like to get to know you – either via a video interview or personally, face to face. This takes around 60 minutes and is generally with the concerned head of department and our recruiter.

Follow-up in the second round of interviews
If it looks like we are a good match, we’ll soon invite you to a second meeting. During your visit you will learn more about our products and how we work, the work environment, and the team. It is particularly important to us that you get a clear picture of the job and the related tasks. Following this, you will meet the senior head of department.

Welcome to the team
If all of the meetings work out well, we agree on the contract conditions, and all the formalities have been dealt with, we look forward to your start as a team member of Porsche Informatik.

Questions about the online job application portal

What do I have to pay attention to when completing my application profile?
Required fields are indicated. Answer all questions fully and, if possible, let us know what salary and period of notice you would like. This can give you an edge. The fewer questions remain open, the clearer our impression and estimation of you.

Which document format can be uploaded?
We prefer PDF documents. .doc, .docx, .pdf, .gif, and .jpg, files can also be uploaded. File formats not listed here (including .zip files) are not suitable for the application portal and may result in your application documents not being opened due to the Porsche Holding data security guidelines.

Is the total file size limited?
Please stay under the 10 MB limit.

Forgotten your password for the login area?
In the login area there is a “Forgotten your password” field. Simply input the email address with which you registered. We will send you an email containing a link with which you can reset your password.

“This email address is already registered.” is displayed. Why?

  1. The input email address has already been used for registration by you or someone else.
  2. You have submitted an application by email or given us your documents at a trade fair and we have electronically stored your data. In both cases we send you an email with your login data. Please check your email inbox or click on “Forgotten your password” in the login area.

Can I apply using my social network profile?
Job applications via social networks are not yet possible.

Which browsers are supported?
The system is optimised for the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Older versions and other browsers may cause incorrect or incomplete results.

Is the website compatible for mobile devices?
The website is fully optimised for mobile devices.

Data protection
Naturally your personal data are perfectly protected and treated confidentially. Use and transmission of your data is strictly within the scope of the application process and only to involved individuals such as the head of the concerned department and members of human resources.

The data privacy declaration of consent is displayed for approval while you create your profile on our online portal.

If you register online, your data remain in the system for as long as you wish. If you want to delete your profile and account, write an email with the subject “Delete my job application profile” to: